Aesthetically fascinated, skeptical, covetous, schizophrenic, attracted, confused and defensive I am analyzing contemporary and historic forms of material culture. Using this cultural vocabulary I confront these results with my studies on political, social and feminist theories. A fundamental interest of mine is to articulate the complex interference of the individual, society and economy. Therefor historic paradigm shifts of symbolic order, transformations of political movements and identity crises in general consistently draw my attention.
I work with an aesthetic that, on the one hand, fascinates and technically challenges me, and on the other hand, serves my analytical and critical discoveries. This is a strategy to highlight the effectiveness of power structures and hierarchies in the social space.

For video -productions, I collaborate with cinematographer Melanie Jilg and music- composer Florian Meyer. I experiment in written and spoken words with Isabel Mehl. With Florian Meyer and Marco Buetikofer I founded the interdisciplinary platform SEXES. I am also active in the collective FAK. For personal and political reasons, I am still busy in DJing as LOTTE MERET.
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KubaParis in Issue #4 with VivienTrommer (German)
PETRIe with Sorana Serban (Englisch)